Home Remodeling vs Purchase

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It seems that home remodeling has become one of America's favorite pastimes. Many Indianapolis home owners have decided to stay in their current homes - in the neighborhoods they have come to love -- opting to upgrade rather than relocate.

Some remodeling projects are becoming a necessity as the average age of homes in America reaches just over 36 years old. Regardless of the age of their homes, Americans are refurbishing, remodeling and adding on in larger numbers than ever experienced in the past. Indianapolis remodeling is a big part of the over 25 million U.S. homeowners undertaking some sort of home improvement project annually. Large remodeling projects from complete kitchen remodeling to the addition of several rooms, make up a major part of the home improvement dollar invested by homeowners.

Another trend taking flight is the more cash-conscious home owner's approach to home remodeling which is an "upgrade" approach rather than a "gut and remodel" approach. Americans are still anxious to improve their living space. However, it seems we are more apt to be willing to live with the size of our bathroom, for example, in order to spend more on the quality of fixtures and finishes. We are learning . . . bigger is not always better.

Home Remodeling Expected to Remain Strong and Steady into 2019

Abbe Will

The robust pace of spending on home renovations and repairs is expected to stay strong over the coming quarters, according to our latest Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA). The LIRA projects that annual growth in homeowner remodeling expenditure will remain above 7 percent throughout the year and into the first quarter of 2019.

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2018 is the Year of Home Improvement Splurge Spending

James F. McClister, Managing Editor Professional Remodeler

Data from around the industry indicates a gangbusters year for home improvement. All signs point to high(er) home improvement spending in 2018, with much of the money going to outdoor living enhancements and hiring professionals.

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Minnow in a Shark Tank

Shani Williams, Owner T. Morgan Construction, Inc.

I recently headed out of Indianapolis on a weekend road trip with my family (left the dog at home) to visit my parents over the weekend. I always get a little stir crazy being cooped up in a car for 8 hours, so I try to pass the time perusing articles I should have read months ago . . . and hoping I don't get car sick in the process. This time, I took my latest copy of a popular remodeling trade magazine to read.

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Renovation Contemplation

Remodeling Improves What Homeowners Already Have

Kitchen and bath makeovers offer the best value for freshening up a house and improving its resale value. T. Morgan Construction, Inc. handles roughly 100 remodeling and renovation projects every year. Three types of change drives the need to remodel, such as maintenance upgrades to help improve resale value; lifestyle upgrades and improvements for the short-term before moving; and then there are top-quality upgrades bringing the home style and standards to what is currently available without having to buy a new home. T. Morgan Construction, Inc. is here to help with your remodel.

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