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From drab to dazzling in 3 months! This amazing exterior renovation is the proverbial icing on the cake for this fully renovated colonial two-story home near Castleton.

Rather than building their retirement home and relocating, Mr. and Mrs. Harter opted to stay put and make their family home their dream home! T. Morgan Construction had already added a room addition and outdoor kitchen in the back yard. And, had renovated the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. Now only the front of the home remained to be addressed. And, believe me, it was no easy challenge! How could we fix the lack of symmetry, function and aesthetics AND stay within budget? After careful thought and much creativity, Tim developed the design the customer fell in love with!

In essence, the house was converted to a more "Southern Plantation" style. The porch columns were relocated to offset the lack of symmetry and appeal to the existing window and door locations. A fully functional second level porch was added with products made of low-maintenance composite materials. The main entry door was replaced with a Mahogany contemporary centerpiece to contrast the brick and bright white exterior finishes. To allow access to the second level, the master bedroom window was replaced with a Mahogany door matching the new entry. The project also included a new roof, gutters, driveway, fencing and landscaping – all completed by T. Morgan Construction.

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